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Atlas Law is one of the finest and most distinguished law firms based in London. With an exceptionally high success rate, Atlas Law is considered as a top-notch legal firm for family cases.

Our highly experienced solicitors have the expertise to deliver solid results and provide exceptional legal consultation to all its clients. We believe in utmost transparency and confidentiality, which is why to strive to communicate with our clients without using complicated legal jargon. We take pride in our ability to win cases and protect the rights of our clients.

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Empowered by our decades of experience dealing with different types of family cases, we have become the most trusted providers of legal services. Our solicitors excel and provide exceptional results in family law cases. From divorce to domestic abuse, we provide comprehensive legal consultation and solicitation services. Our high success rate has made us quite popular among families across London and beyond.

All our efforts and services are guided by our vision to provide exceptional, reliable legal consultation services to clients from all over the world. We strive to enrich the experience of our clients by providing exceptional services. Our solicitors use their vast experience and knowledge to fulfil our vision which is to create strong and long-lasting bonds with our clients.

Family law is one of our specialities. We use our expertise to cater to the needs of a number of clients every year with a stellar success rate. Give your case a boost by consulting us. Using our expertise and experience, we would strengthen your case and increase the chances of success exponentially.

Our Experienced Team

Kanchan Gooransingh

Principal Solicitor

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Austin Chessell

Family Mediator

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Tara Deslandes

Family Law Solicitor

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Steven Blundell

Legal Sector Compliance and Practice Management Consultant

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