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The financial settlement is a central component of most divorces – and the longer the marriage has lasted, the more important it is likely to become. The better-off partner will be obliged to recognise - with a meaningful share of the family’s assets - the contributions made to family life by the financially dependent partner. Ever since an important case called White v White, which was decided back in 2000, the starting point for such settlements has been 50:50.

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Divorce & Financial Settlement - What You Need to Know?

A number of factors are taken into consideration which can, in some cases, lead to unequal shares of the family assets. These include:

*The welfare of the children

*The ability of each partner to earn money in the future

*The future financial prospects of each partner – for example whether they have private pensions

*The ability of each partner to rehouse themselves

Typically, financial settlements will deal with:

  • The family home and any other property you may own
  • Financial assets – including bank accounts, pensions, savings, and shares
  • Ongoing responsibility for debt – including mortgage debt
  • Spousal maintenance and child support

In most cases, family courts will seek to bring the financial relationship between the husband and wife to an end as soon as possible.  But if doing so would seriously compromise the welfare of one party, such as leaving them in poverty, that relationship may have to be prolonged – in some cases for life. In general it is assumed that each divorced spouse entitled to a lifestyle similar to the one they enjoyed during the marriage.

A settlement which permanently ends any financial relationship between the parties to a divorce is called a ‘clean break’. There can be advantages and disadvantages to such an arrangement.

In most cases, settlements will be agreed between the parties – usually with the help and advice of their solicitor. This resulting agreement is then ratified by a family court Judge and made into a binding ‘consent order’.

There will only be a court hearing in relation to your financial settlement if you and your former spouse are at loggerheads and unable to reach agreement.

This is a complicated area of law and one that is fraught with potential pitfalls. But a fair settlement could be crucial to ensuring your future. So do seek informed legal advice. Atlas Family Law in central London specialise in just two fields: family and immigration law. This means they can offer a truly personal service and guide you every step of the way, helping to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to. For a free confidential discussion about your finances, please call us on 0207 993 8880 or fill in the form for a call back.

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