Divorce Fixed Fees

Fixed Price Divorce Solicitors in London

Family law is one of the most frequently encountered areas of the law and can be especially complicated. At Atlas Law, we believe in providing our clients with the best solutions to save their valuable time and money whilst also protecting their best interests.

Divorce - How much does it cost?


We offer a fixed fee for divorce proceedings.

In addition to our fixed fee, you should also factor in the Court Fee of £550 which is payable directly to the Court.

Divorce Court Fees Help:

You can get help with your court fees if you have little or no savings, receive specific benefits, or have a low income.

If a divorce is contested then costs will be charged at the solicitor’s hourly rate.

 The work included within the fee is as follows:

  • A consultation to discuss the divorce procedure and to take full instructions 
  • Obtaining the information, I need to draft your divorce petition;
  • Preparation of the divorce petition;
  • Submitting the divorce proceedings to Court to be issued;
  • Making an application for the Decree Nisi
  • Making an application for the Decree Absolute (which dissolves your marriage)

Finances & Children:

The work in relation to the financial issues arising as a result of a divorce are conducted on an hourly rate.  We ask for a retainer to be paid on account of your costs at the outset.  We will then send you monthly itemised invoices each month and offset these against the funds we hold for you on account.  

Divorce Loans: 

We understand that family law cases are expensive and it is not always possible to fund lengthy proceedings from your income or savings. This is particularly the case when money is tied up in the matrimonial assets and cannot be released. You may therefore wish to have a funding arrangement in place at the beginning of your case for peace of mind. We have finance arrangements in place with Novitas which is a divorce litigation loan service.  Novitas can provide a loan facility to pay the legal costs of going through a divorce.  Our family expert can give you a detailed information about this loan during the consultation.

If you would like more information about our fixed fee family law services contact our expert family solicitors on  0203 980 9348  or get in touch with us through our online enquiry form.

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