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The dissolution of a marriage involves a lot of emotions, and the outcome may impact your future.If you are considering divorce or need to respond to a divorce petition, it helps to have experienced divorce solicitors on your side.We offer divorce services to anyone who is dealing with a very difficult situation of ending their marriage. We offer a fixed- fee of £850 + VAT for a straight forward divorce.

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Divorce - What You Need to Know?

When Should You Seek Help from a Divorce Solicitor?

Whether you are served divorce papers or are considering divorce, do not hesitate to contact us for legal advice.

If you are the one initiating the divorce proceedings, speak with our expert solicitors before talking to your partner. In some cases, partners begins hiding assets or funnelling money to separate accounts.

It helps to take inventory of your current finances and property. We can ensure that you take these precautions to help protect your wealth.

If you are the one receiving divorce papers, you may need to catch up. Your spouse has already likely begun inventorying assets.

Do not wait too long to seek legal representation. Contact us today to discuss your case.

Do You Need a Specific Reason to Petition for Divorce?

For most marriages, the idea of divorce does not arrive overnight. It comes after a long breakdown.

In fact, you need to wait until you have been separated for two or five years, depending on whether the other party grants consent.

Before petitioning for divorce, you also need to prove the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. UK divorce law allows five reasons for starting the divorce proceedings:

  • Two years separation with consent
  • Five years separation without consent
  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Desertion

Couples who have been living apart may petition for divorce. Both parties need to agree to the divorce, if separated for at least two years and less than five years.

If you have been apart for five years or longer, you do not need consent. You may also petition for divorce if your spouse deserts you for at least two years. However, the divorce laws in the UK are complex.

To ensure that your situation qualifies for divorce, seek divorce lawyer services as soon as you can. We can help determine whether the courts will accept your petition.

What Are the Grounds for Divorce in the UK?  

Besides separation and desertion, adultery and unreasonable behaviour are also grounds for divorce. With cases of adultery, it is important to work quickly, as you only have a short time frame to use the betrayal as grounds for divorce.

Short of intercourse, an affair may qualify as unreasonable behaviour. Other examples of behaviour that meet the requirements for divorce include:

  • Excessive drinking
  • Financial extravagance
  • No common interests
  • Separate social lives
  • Too much time at work

As with separation, you may struggle to determine whether your spouse’s behaviour is grounds for divorce. After a short initial consultation, we can determine whether your situation offers enough reason to petition for divorce.

When Do You Need Child Maintenance Service?  

The breakdown of marriage becomes even more complex when children are involved. Some partners manage to arrange child maintenance and custody themselves. This is called a family-based arrangement.

If you cannot agree on a family-based arrangement, the courts may need to decide on financial support for the children’s living costs. This child maintenance service may help you work out how much your spouse should pay or how much you need to pay.

If you are worried about collecting payments from your spouse to cover childcare costs, speak with a reliable UK divorce solicitor.

How We Can Help You?  

We have dealt with all types of divorces and understand that every situation is different. When you need divorce lawyer services in London that you can count on, we are standing by.

We can get started on your divorce proceedings immediately or review your case. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation.

We offer no obligation, 30 minutes free consultation with a specialist Family Solicitor. During this free consultation the solicitor will provide you with legal advice, explain any relevant procedures to you and go through the options available to you.

We are happy to arrange an initial consultation to take place either in the office, by telephone or by video (i.e. Skype, FaceTime or Whatapp video). If your consultation is going to take place via telephone or video, we will ask you to send us your photo ID before the meeting.

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