Sole Representative Visa of Overseas Business

If you have an overseas company and you are planning to set up a UK branch of that overseas company, it will cover under Sole Representative Visa category.Sole Representative application is always applied from outside the UK. Applicant is allowed to bring their dependent. Before you apply for a Sole Representative Visa, you need to make sure that you do not have any subsidiary branch of that parent overseas company.

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Sole Representative Visa of Overseas Business

This visa category has become a popular option for companies and entrepreneurs with businesses abroad. This visa is important for any non-European business looking to invest in the UK as a allows a representative of a foreign company to come to the UK and set up a wholly owned subsidiary or a brunch of the overseas parent company.  It is vital that the required criteria are met and that sufficient evidence is submitted. Successful Applicants are allowed to bring their dependents to the UK.

Before you apply for Sole Representative visa, you must prove that:

  • you are a senior employee of Parent overseas company
  • You should not be a majority shareholder in parent overseas company.
  • Applicant can apply for Sole Representative visa only 3 months before they travel.
  • Applicant must show the enough savings and also meet the requirement of English language requirement.

Generally, an applicant must either be:

  • Sole representative of an overseas company who intends to establish and operate a registered a branch of wholly owned subsidiary for an overseas parent company.
  • an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation posted on a long-term assignment to the UK.

A Sole Representative visa is valid for 3 years but applicants can also extend for a further 2 years. There might be an opportunity for settlement after 5 years.

Sole Representative – UK Visa Fees

Please note that Home office fee varies time to time.  A Representative of an overseas Business Visa costs is £546.

Immigration Health Surcharges (IHS)

Applicant has to pay Immigration Health Surcharges as a part of your application.  Applicant can also get an exception from Immigration Health Surcharges.

Sole Representative Visa Extension: 

If you are with the same company and undertaking the same kind of work with your employer, then you can go for further Sole Representative visa extension.

Settlement as a Sole Representative Visa:

The settlement as a Sole Representative may be granted if the applicant:

  • has spent a continues period of five years as a representative in the UK for an overseas parental company.
  • Has met all the requirement under Sole Representative of an overseas parental company throughout the five-year time period.

Dependents of Sole Representative Visa:

A dependant is:

  • your Unmarried or Same – Sex partner
  • Your husband, wife or civil partner; or
  • your child aged under 18 years old.

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