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"It is imperative that you successfully apply for a Sponsorship Licence the first time to avoid unnecessary fees and losing valuable time. At Atlas Law Solicitors we will advise you on the mandatory documents your company must provide depending on the Tier and Category you are applying. In addition, there are strict deadlines within which the documents must be provided after initial application is made and it is vital that the documents are ready for submission and are provided to the UKVI promptly."

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UK Sponsorship Licence

If your company are looking to recruit a non-EEA migrant to work in the UK, your organisation will need to apply for Sponsorship Licence to be able to employ foreign migrants. This is a complicated process as you will be required to provide a list of documents and demonstrate to the Home Office that you have a well organised efficient HR system in place and will be able to meet the Home Office’s requirements as a Sponsor. You will need to demonstrate that your company are genuinely trading and there is a genuine vacancy for the non-EEA migrant, which cannot be filled by a settled worker in the UK.

An application will  need to be made a few months before you plan to employ a non-EEA migrant. It normally takes 2-3 months for a Tier 2 sponsorship licence application to be considered and approved by the Home Office. The length of time to consider the application will be determined by the size of your organisation and complexity of the documents.

For employers to hire skilled workers from outside the UK/EU, they need to have a Tier 2 or Tier 5 Sponsor Licence. If you are looking to employ non-EEA nationals to work for your company in the United Kingdom, it is imperative that you successfully apply for a Sponsor Licence.

Atlas Law Solicitors specialise in providing exceptional services to help you through the process and acquire a sponsorship licence successfully. In order to succeed, your application must be eligible and meet the basic criteria required.

The Basic Eligibility Criteria for a Sponsorship Licence includes:

  • Proving the credibility and reliability of your company.
  • Showing your company is operating lawfully and ethically within the UK.
  • Demonstrating capability to fulfil sponsorship duties and complying with the rules.
  • Indicating you can provide employment under Tier 2 (General) skill level and pay appropriate wages.

Most applications are processed within 8 weeks. The UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) requires different types of official documentation to verify your company’s details. Furthermore, UKVI may also visit your business offices and locations to ascertain whether if it fits the sponsorship licence criteria.

Business Sponsor Licence

Business Sponsorship Licences allows UK employers and Educational organisations to sponsor non EEA nationals to work and study in the UK. If you want to sponsor someone under a Point-Based system, you must hold a Sponsorship Licence. Once this Licence is granted to your company, it will allow someone to make an application for their work visa.

As a sponsor, you will be required to prove that you understand the duties and responsibilities expected of you as a sponsor:

  • Application Process
  • Sponsorship Management System (SMS)
  • Skilled Migrants and Resident Labour Market Test

Application Process

The Point Based System is based on employers applying to the UK Visa & Immigration for getting a Sponsor Licence so that these employers can become registered sponsors.  If you want someone to work for you or your company in the United Kingdom, or if you want to employ someone from outside the European Economic area, then you need a Sponsor Licence.


How To Apply

How to apply Business Sponsor Licence:

If you want to apply for a Sponsor Licence for your business under Point – Based System Tier 2 and Tier 5, you need to registered with companies house. Sponsor Licence is of two types:

Tier 2:  – Skilled workers with long-term job offers.  Under Tier 2 a skilled worker can apply to remain or enter in the UK if they have a job offer in the UK from a company who has a valid sponsorship Licence. Tier 2 split into the following four categories:

  • General skilled worker
  • Intra-company transferred staff
  • Sportsperson
  • Ministers of Religion

Tier 5:  – Skilled temporary workers:  Under this category, temporary worker can apply to enter in the UK only for a short term. Tier 5 split into the following 5 categories:

  • Religious worker
  • Charity Worker
  • International Agreement
  • Creative and Sporting
  • Government authorised Exchange

When you submit your Sponsor Licence application, home office mainly consider:

  1. a) Your business is established lawfully in the UK.
  2. b) your business offer genuine employment which meets the genuine skills and rates of pay to its employee.
  3. c) Your business has never failed to carry out with the Sponsorship duties.#

Please note that if you have any criminal conviction in the United Kingdom then you cannot get Sponsor Licence.

UK Visa Sponsorship Licence Fee

The UK Visa & Immigration Visa fee for Sponsorship Licence under Tier 2 Category for small or charitable Sponsors is £536, and the fee for large sponsors is £1,476.

The fee for Sponsor Licence under Tier 5 Category for small or charitable sponsors is the same as a fee for medium or large sponsors, which is £536.

Sponsorship Management System (SMS)

The online tool of Sponsorship Management system is used by the employer when they want to sponsor the workers in the UK under Tier 2 and Tier 5 Category. This tool Sponsorship Management System is used:

1) Create & assign Certificate of Sponsorship for employees under Tier 2 and Tier 5 Category.

2) If there is a change of circumstances of sponsored employees or students.  It also include withdrawal of Sponsorship.

3) You can also review & Manage your organisation’s licence

The Sponsors can assign Certificate of Sponsorship with the help of Sponsorship Management System tool for the workers under Tier 2 and Tier 5 who wishes to come and stay in the UK.

Certificate Of Sponsorship

It is a duty of a sponsor to provide a Certificate of Sponsorship for each foreign worker whom he plans to employ.  Certificate of Sponsorship is not a paper document, it is an electronic record.  This certificate of Sponsorship can be obtained by filling an online application form by using the Sponsorship Management System tool. Once you submit this online application form on SMS, it will issue a reference number. It is a duty of sponsor to give that reference number to Tier 2 or Tier 5 migrant for their visa application.

Please note that once this certificate of sponsorship is issued, it can be used only within 3 months.

Skilled Migrants and Resident Labour Market Test

The company shall have to identify the need for a specific job role in order to commence the process. The process is ensure that the prospective employee is best suited for the job role.

If you want to recruit a skilled worker from outside the European Economic area on a Tier 2 Visa then you need to complete a Resident Labour Market Test. This Resident Labour Market Test is mainly required by the employers to prove that UK resident worker is not available for the role. To pass this test, employers must advertise the role to UK resident.

To complete a satisfactory Resident Labour Market Test, a sponsor must advertise in the UK in two places for 28 days in most cases. If the advertisement is in 2 stages then it is necessary to run each advert for a total of 28 days. This is the sponsor’s responsibility to show that they could not find a suitable worker within the UK.

Please note that the migrant can sponsored under Tier 2 (General) for a job on the list of shortage of occupations list for Tier 2 of the Point Based System)

Sponsors requirements and duties:

You as a sponsor must check that the foreign workers must the necessary skills, accreditation and qualifications to do their job.

You as a sponsor must inform to the UK Visa and Immigration if the foreign workers are not complying with their visa conditions. They can also make further enquiries and if they find that your organisation is in breach of immigration duties or you have employed an illegal person or your business is not working in an honest way then they will remove the sponsor name from the Home office’s register for sponsors (Register of Sponsor www.gov.uk)

Requirements to Renew Sponsor Licence

If you are looking to renew the Sponsor Licence, there might be a possibility that the Home Office will visit business premises to make sure that sponsors are complying with their sponsorship duties and if their application for renewal is granted, our Business Immigration Solicitor can advice you on the renewal of your Sponsor Licence.

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