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This visa is mainly for the people who are coming to the UK to visit their family and it can also be for holidays. If the family member wants to come to the UK then they have to apply for a separate visitor visa application.

UK Visit Visa - What You Need to Know?

If you are applying for general Visitor Visa, you are not allowed to switch your visitor visa to any other category like;

  • you cannot marry or form a civil partnership.
  • You must not take employment in the UK.
  • You are also not allowed to receive private medical treatment.

The applicant under this category must leave the UK at the end of period of his visit. They must also maintain and accommodate themselves without using public funds.

The general visitor visa has replaced the other categories like:

  • Sports visitor visa,
  • General Visitor Visa,
  • child visitor visa,
  • Business visitor Visa

If you are visiting UK for any business-related activities, you can apply for a Standard Visitor Visa. On a Standard Visitor Visa, you are not allowed to do any paid or unpaid work. You would not be entitled for Public Funds.

You can apply for this visitor visa only 3 months before you travel and you get your visitor visa decision within 3 months.

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